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Hydraulic high precision clamping sleeve!

ETP HYDRO-FIX clamping sleeves are excellent for boring bars for internal and external turning as well as in driven toolholders. With the one screw fix system it is quick and easy to handle. The clamping is uniform around the tool and therefore the tool life is improved. The clamping system absorbs and reduces vibration, improves surface quality and best of all - Increases your productivity!


The vibration amplitude is greatly reduced by the uniform clamping around the tool. HYDRO-FIX expands towards both the tool and the tool holder.

Benefits & Features 

Reduced vibrations.

Increased speed and/or feed.

Improved surface quality and tool life.

Quick and easy handling.

Increased overhang possible.

Safe clamping of solid carbide tools - No risc of damages.

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Product Availability
ETP HYDRO-FIX 12/16-38

4,454.00 SEK

ETP HYDRO-FIX 16/20-44

4,454.00 SEK

ETP HYDRO-FIX 20/25-44

4,454.00 SEK

ETP HYDRO-FIX 25/32-48

4,859.00 SEK

ETP HYDRO-FIX 32/40-53

5,129.00 SEK

ETP HYDRO-FIX-40/50-69

6,479.00 SEK

#ETP HYDRO-FIX-42/50-76

7,829.00 SEK

11+ 6,479.00 SEK
21+ 5,399.00 SEK
ETP HYDRO-FIX 50/60-80

5,804.00 SEK

ETP HYDRO-FIX 60/80-90

8,318.00 SEK

11+ 6,884.00 SEK
21+ 5,736.00 SEK
ETP HYDRO-FIX 1/2"/5/8"-38
ETP HYDRO-FIX 5/8"/3/4"-44
ETP HYDRO-FIX 3/4"/1"-44
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  • Total: 17

Set up your boring bar in seconds using ETP HYDRO-FIX and our Digital Spirit Level


Application - Spline cutting with precision clamping - ETP HYDRO-FIX


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