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ETP has explored the many positive qualities of Pascal´s principle, then developed and applied it to hub-shaft connections and tool-holders.




Hub-Shaft connections - Compact design, fast assembly, easy positioning, good runout - These qualities are important today and even more in the future.


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Toolholders for Woodworking - Our ETP HYDRO-GRIP toolholders are self-centered and clamped in just a few seconds. Choose between two different methods to center and clamp HYDRO-GRIP, T-wrench or grease pump.

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Toolholders for Metalworking - High speeds and feed rates means high demand on both tool and toolholder. Choose from a wide range of ETP HYDRO-GRIP hydraulic tool holders, with high clamping force and low run-out.

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in focus




Reduce the set up time and increase your cash flow!



  • Pressurizing is done in seconds with a Power Tool

    You know there is no secret that quick tool changes and minimal set up time is an easy way to save money.

  • Integrated safety collar with hydro sleeve

  • Ergonomic design for safe and easy handling

    Safe for your precious fingers when handle a super sharp tool set.


The ultimate way to profile precision

The new patented ETP CUBIT is a new complete concept for adjustable systems. Profiling of the tongue and groove in the flooring industry can now efficiently be done with extreme precision and repeatability.

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Innovative products

When demands are high and the pace is quick, we never see a problem - only possibilities to create new solutions.

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With innovative ideas we design and manufacture products the make your job easier and quicker.

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Calculate your performance data when using our hydraulic ETP Hub-Shaft connections.