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Kitchen cabinets made easy


Customer case - Woodworking

Kitchen cabinets made easy for Koch & Company!

The use of ETP HYDRO-GRIP high quality hydraulic toolholders enables Koch & Company, a world class door and cabinet manufacturing firm located in the American heartland of Kansas, to benefit from decreased costs and higher efficiency.

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Unrivaled precision makes for unrivaled selection

Flipping through those home style magazines looking for a dream kitchen? With the use of ETP HYDRO-GRIP toolholders your next home investment might not set you back as much as expected

A wide selection and customization can easily be reached in today’s modern door and cabinet manufacturing process. The use of high quality hydraulic toolholders enables not only manufacturer´s to benefit from decreased costs and higher efficiency, no - at the same time consumers may benefit from a much wider range selection and freedom of choice.

In the American heartland of Kansas, Koch & Company, has created a world class door and cabinet manufacturing firm. A dedication to excellence in craftsmanship quality and customer service has made them a leader in the industry. With twenty door styles, eleven stain options and six paint colors, Koch Cabinetry provides you with a vast array of options.

How can that be?

Well for one, after using the ETP HYDRO-GRIP G2 toolholders Koch & Co. experienced a 100% increase in their router bit tool life. Normally running 70-80 sheets before changing bits, now no change is needed until 150-160 sheets, all with the same high quality finish. Secondly the technical changeover from mechanical ER holders to the hydraulic ETP range enables a massive machine downtime decrease, as a tool change now can be performed under 1 minute compared to previously 5 minutes. 

ETP Transmission AB is proud to be a partner to Koch & Company and support their efforts to streamline production within the woodworking industry.

The ETP HYDRO-GRIP SLENDER hydraulic chucks are a simple concept, easy to use and give us double the tool life. We plan to update the rest of our CNC routers with HYDRO-GRIP products.

Barry Koch Koch & Company

Koch & Company choice of product


HYDRO-GRIP SLENDER is extremely user friendly which means quick and easy tool changes. It has a tough and slender design for improved reach and accessability!


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