ETP-HYDROPRESS - Quick and precise fastening for larger shafts

ETP-HYDROPRESS is available on request.
The dimensions and loads in the list below serve as guidelines to make a customized product. It can be made for both larger and smaller shafts as well as shorter or longer. Number of mountings > 1 000.
For extreme high torque applications the contact surfaces of ETP-HYDROPRESS (sizes ≥130 mm) can
be plated with ETP-HFC, High Friction Coating, which doubles the torque capacity. For frequent sliding along a shaft it can be plated on the inside with aluminium bronze.


ETP-HYDROPRESS is a hydraulic joint, which consists of a double-walled steel sleeve. Mounting is easily carried out with a hydraulic grease pump. In the flange there are two connections:
a grease nipple for the pump and a pressure release valve used for dismantling, a screw which presses against a steel ball and forms a spherical seating. Radial and/or axial connections for the pump hoses are possible. The inner diameter can be made with spiral tracks in order to easier let foreign liquids or particles disappear.


When the hydraulic pressure from the pump is injected, the double-walled sleeve expands uniformly against shaft and hub and along the shaft and forms a rigid joint. When dismantling, the allen screw in the pressure release valve is loosened and the grease comes out. ETP-HYDROPRESS returns to its original measurements and the joint is loose. Normal working pressure is up to 700 bar.


  • Variable transmittable torque or axial force by changing the mounting pressure.
  • Easy mounting/dismantling of large
  • components in tight spaces.
  • Quick mounting. Only a grease pump is necessary for mounting.
  • Radial and axial connection is possible.
  • Fine adjustments of the hub can be made when mounting.
  • Good concentricity, also after several mountings.

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