All development starts with establishing a technical requirement specification together with the customer. The whole process will be a teamwork with the customer, the ETP-Representative and us.

As a start sometimes the “Application design assistance form” on our homepage is sent to us. You find it in the download section here next to. This is a very important process. It contains listing the loads and other surrounding factors influencing the application.

At the next stage ETP makes some principal drawings which are discussed with the customer. In house we have the latest CAD software and FEM calculation capacity. For production we have the for the quality of the final product most important machinery in house, like welding machines of different kinds: conventional, laser and electron beam welding. Other important operations are grinding – if needed, filling of pressure medium, quality control (with ultra-sound for the weld) and accurate turning.

For more examples of ETP Customized designs see the Manual in the download section here next to.

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