ETP-CLASSIC R is the same as ETP-CLASSIC but made of hardened stainless steel.
Type R has hex head stainless steel screws, in order to facilitate easy cleaning when used for example in machines for processing food.


ETP-CLASSIC R works in the same way as ETP-CLASSIC with a few exceptions:
• There are a few more screws as the tightening torque is lower for stainless steel screws.
• The transmissible torque is lower.



ETP-CLASSIC R has the same qualities as ETP-CLASSIC when it comes to fast/ backlash free mounting and positioning.
All parts exposed to the environment are made of stainless steel. In food processing this meets essential requirements.

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User friendly clamping and centering

Positioning along and around the shaft is easy and fast with ETP-CLASSIC R. The hydraulic centering ensures a high runout precision. ETP-CLASSIC R - made from stainless steel!


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