Design your own hydraulic high precision toolholder - Online

ETP HYDRO-GRIP PENCIL can be made to your specific length requirement, using our online design feature.

Simply choose any machine shank available in our assortment, with any tool dimension (6 - 20 mm. Specify your required design type (1 - 3) and machining depth (L3). Our online programme will check the design possibility.

Enter your details and quantity request and proceed to download complete drawings and CAD-files. Our sales department will shortly contact you with a quotation.


Start designing your own ETP HYDRO-GRIP PENCIL Toolholder

  • Maximum flexibility in your design
  • Freely choose your required machining depth (L3)
  • Drawings and CAD-files of your design available for download instantly

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Customized Designs

Design your own hydraulic
high precision toolholder - Online

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